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Windmill Blade Trailer

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telescopic trailer,62m windmill blade transport, 6 axle extendable trailer, wind turbine blades, extendable trailer for sale could reach Max.62m length. the maximum can transport windmill blades within 80 meters. At the closed length of the telescopic tra
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China Wind  Blade Transport Trailer Videos


windmill blade transport trailer for sale blade tower carrier wind blade adapter wind turbine tower blade transport trailer for sale
Modular trailer with Windmill blade adapter Windmill  Blade Adapter windmill blade transport adaptor
64m single beam extendable trailer

wind turbine blade transportation extendable trailer

wind turbine blade transportation extendable trailer
64m Windmill Blade Trailer for sale 4 axle 60m Wind  Blade Trailer  trailer 56 meters Windmill Blade Trailer testing


Table of contents

1. What is windmill blade trailer?

2. Two types of wind blade trailer (windmill blade transport adaptor):

3. Differences between wind blade adapter trailer and telescopic extendable trailers

4. How are windmill rotor blade adapter transported?

5. How to choose right windmill blade transport trailer?

6. Lifting equipment safety operation manual


1. What is windmill blade trailer?

windmill blade trailer for transport rotor blade, wind blades , e-138 e2 rotor blade. That is best solution to avoid obstacles, such as buildings and trees effectively, especially running on steep hills or narrow winding mountainous roads.

Hauling wind turbine blades mainly includes wind blades, nacelles, e-138 e2 rotor blade,hubs and towers, and each component is an over-limit item for ordinary road transportation, which requires professional wind turbine blade transport trailer for transportation and assemble a wind turbine. So wind turbine transportation companies need a windmill blade trailer for sale.

For wind blades, the length is extremely long, which becomes the main feature that distinguishes it from other equipments. Considering the particularity of wind turbine blade trailer length, the currently constructed mountain wind farm transport generally use wind turbine blade transportation combined with high-power tractors to complete the transportation of wind turbine blades.

wind blade trailer

4 axle 58m telescopic extendable trailer for sale

4 axles 56m trailer

4 Axle 60m wind blade trailer Introduction Video

Hydraulic lift 4 axle windmill blade trailer trailer hydraulic steering large wind turbine tower transport, 58 meters, transport blades within 80 meters on land (long-distance transport).

wind blade trailer

windmill blade transport adaptor drawing( Windmill  Blade Adapter )

wind  blade trialer

3 line 6 axle Windmill  Blade Adapter (windmill blade transport adaptor)

wind blade trailer

Modular Trailer with wind rotor blade adapter

Large modular trailer with rotor blade adapter, transporting 121-156 model blades, length 59.5-76 meters, the maximum transportation of wind turbine blades within 80 meters.

wind blade trailer

3 lines 6 axle Windmill  Blade Adapter windmill blade transport adaptor

3 lines 6 axle windmill blade transport, transporting large blades of model 121-156, length 59.5-76 meters, maximum 80 meters, weight within 13-23.5 tons, the center of gravity within 23.5 meters.

wind blade trailer

Windmill Blade Adapter transportation drawing

The latest version of large hauling wind turbine blades, transport larger and heavier blades.transport 121-156 model blades.

wind blade trailer

 Hydraulic gooseneck  Blades wind turbine

wind m

Windmill Blade Adapter for transportation of wind turbine blades details video

This large Blades wind turbine is very popular in Vietnam and other countries. transporting 121-155 model blades. This wind turbine blade transport is suitable for rugged mountain roads and sharp bends.

wind blade trailer

3 axle 60m Hydraulic windmill transport telescopic trailer

extendable trailer

Single beam windmill blade trailer video

Offshore wind turbine blade transport trailer, suitable for long-distance transportation of offshore wind turbine blades between 76-90 meters, blade tonnage 25-45 tons, offshore blades are relatively high and heavier, requiring hydraulic axis structure, single beam drawing, rear flap structure, The vehicle needs to turn and lift, features: large turning angle, strong bearing capacity of the rear pivot, low cargo platform height.

6 axles extendable trialer

6 axle windmill blade trailer (telescopic trailer )for windmill blade transport

wind blade trailer

Windmill Blade Trailer details video

The telescopic trailer for mega windmill transporter could have three and four telescoping beams, and it could reach Max.62m length. the maximum can transport windmill blades within 80 meters.

wind blade trailer

9 Axle Extendable Lowbed Trailer for Sale

10 axles extendable trialer

10 axle extendable wind tower transport semi trailer

extendable trailer

9 axle extendable trailer video display

TITAN 9 axles/10 axle Extendable Lowbed Trailer for Carrying Tower.TITAN  9 axle /10 axle trailer use high strength steel material to ensure the capacity, the load can be up to 60 to 150 ton payload.


2. Two types of wind blade trailer ( windmill blade transport adaptor ):

2.1 Ordinary extendable flatbed trailer

This transport method generally uses ordinary extendable flatbed trailer to transport wind blades. The characteristics of this extendable trailer for sale are that it can be extended and retracted to accommodate blades of different lengths.

These can be used to transport both wind blades and the tower. This is the kind of wind turbine transport vehicles that you need if you want to handle the different kinds of loads in your operations. Extendable flatbed trailer design and construction are meant to take care of these needs.

The tail platform forms the rear section of the extendable trailer for sale. mega windmill transporter can either be a folding or pulling platform configuration. Therefore, users can choose a telescopic trailer based on these tail platform configurations.

wind blade trailer

Blades wind turbine extendable trailer for sale

2.2  Windmill Blade Adapter transport trailer 

This Windmill Blade Adapter transportation method generally uses a special blade lifters blade transportation wind turbine blade transportation with blade lifting-rotating-hydraulic rear wheel steering. The special wind turbine transport vehicles can lift the blades through hydraulic control and rotate itself 360 degrees during driving, avoiding various obstacles during transportation (mountain slopes, trees, houses, bridges, tunnels, etc.), which can greatly reduce the blades. The total length of the transport windmill trailer body can improve the curve passing performance.

wind blade trailer

Windmill Blade Adapter  hauling wind turbine blades

3. Differences between wind blade adapter trailer and telescopic extendable trailers

3.1 Advantages of turbine blade transport trailer

The blade rotates flexibly, and the transformation cost is small. The blade sweeping area of ​​the special blade lifters wind blade adapter trailer blade lifting and transportation method is larger than that of an ordinary extendable trailer for sale. The blade sweeping area is large, and the area involved in the renovation project in the curve is reduced by about 10 times.

Blades can be transported by lifting, which can better avoid high mountains and cliffs, or house buildings, so about achieve rapid blade transportation. At the same time, this method can also reduce the cost of road reconstruction and house demolition, which can help improve blade transportation efficiency and engineering benefits.

3.2 Disadvantages of windmill  blade adapter trailer

3.2.1. High transportation costs. The transportation cost of using special blade lifters windmill blade trailer for sale is higher than that of ordinary flatbeds. For a wind farm with an installed capacity of 50MW, if it is transported by special windmill blade trailer for sale, the transportation cost will increase by about 3.5 million yuan.

3.2.2. There is a lot of work to clear the height limit. After the blade is lifted, the height is high, and the net height along the line is increased. Compared with ordinary flatbed transportation, it will increase the removal of height-limiting objects (such as cross-road cables, pipes, branches, etc.).

3.2.3. Need to increase weight. Since the blade’s center of gravity increases after the blade is lifted, blade lifters windmill blade trailer for sale is not conducive to stable transportation. It is necessary to place a weight on the front of the vehicle and avoid windy weather transportation.

wind blade trailer

windmill blade adapter transport adaptor VS telescopic extendable trailers


4. How are windmill rotor blade adapter transported?

Modern day wind farms are becoming major contributors to the world power supply, serving as proof of the interest and commitment to using alternative energy. But these farms couldn’t be built without the equipment used to transport the turbine components from the manufacturer to the construction site. In the past, trailers used to mobilize the equipment on site lacked the safety, easy-of-use and the hauling capacity required of today’s offerings.

Windmill blade trailer is among the most innovative and advanced trailers in China. The blade lifters windmill blade tailer/wind turbine blade transportation is a leading edge, innovative wind turbine blade trailer to satisfy all your wind energy transportation needs. With fewer mechanical connections from the fifth wheel to the steered axle, you can save on height, weight, and maintenance. With its customized steering functionality, you can drive forward and backward. Its automatic centering device, when active above a certain speed, offers you the stability of a fixed axle.

wind blade adaptor

Adapter trailer for 80m blade transportation details

These type of wind blade trailer/wind turbine blade transportation are used to transport turbine blades on mountain roads and curved roads as well. Because of the fact that extendable trailers are too long, when it comes to a mountain road, it is hard to steer hence the need for the special blade trailer. The design is made in such a way that the blade adaptor can lift up and down making it easier for the trailer to steer easily.

This  ASM technology is a fully dedicated microprocessor-controlled, electronic over hydraulic steering system which uses a software program to actuate axle turns. Because blade lifters mega windmill transporter can effortlessly and continuously drive around tight corners, it is ideal for transporting long and cumbersome windmill blades. As it turns, the truck sends a signal through the kingpin sensor, specifying the radius needed by the rear axles to curve around the corner – which allows for a tighter radius than traditionally made blade trailers. The wind blade trailer steering – independent of speed — gives you the optimal steering angle, in all types of circumstances. You can check the alarms and calibration through a display, via its PC application.

wind blade trailer

Wind Turbine Blade Transportation Extendable Trailer Videos


5. How to choose right windmill blade transport trailer?

5.1 Wind turbine blade trailer

In this design structure, the turbine blade is fixed on the adapter. What makes this blade lifters trailer special is that the adaptor is customized for the blade. Although usually made from the best materials with sufficient yield strength, their custom design for taking blades may not make it a fit choice for other types of loads.

That means hauling wind turbine blades will unlikely be used for another function. It is the kind of blade lifters wind blade trailer/wind turbine blade transportation you need if all you want to do is transport wind turbine blades only.

5.2 Wind turbine trailers Advantage:

These types of blade carrier trailers are used to transport turbine blades on mountain roads and curved roads as well. Because of the fact that extendable trailers too long, when it comes to a mountain road, it is hard to steer hence the need for the special blade trailer.

The wind turbine trailers design is made in such a way that the blade adaptor can lift up and down making it easier for the blade carrier trailer to steer easily.

wind blade trailer

windmill rotor blade adapter transportation of wind turbine blades

5.3 Wind blade transportation extendable trailer

The extendable beam feature is designed to allow for elongation to cater for different transportation needs. Due to the overall length of the extendable trailer needed in this section, tough and strong materials with a yield strength of at least 460 MPa is used. This makes sure that the beam doesn’t sag during operations. In this section, the windmill trailer can be adjusted to the desired length to take up the task at hand.

The goose-neck provides a connecting point of the blade carrier trailer to the truck. It is designed to lift up and down to meet the different height of the 5th wheel of a truck. When the truck steers, goose-neck can pass the signal, and the trailer starts to steer. The steering system includes a steering function for the rear axles to help windmill trailer/wind turbine blade transportation get through a curved road due to the 62 m length of the trailer.

5.4 Structure comprises of wind blade transportation:

A Gooseneck; A steering mechanism; An extendable beam; The tail platform.

There are three steering structure configurations namely: hydraulic bogies, turntable steering and axle steering.

5.5 Advantage of Telescopic Trailers:

Reliable and Efficient. Constructed of high yield strength material, telescopic trailers are reliable in terms of safety and general transportation needs.

It’s easy to use. The blade lifters trailer/wind turbine blade transportation comes in a simple design that is easy to use and operate either hands-on or remotely. Loading and offloading cargo are made safe and simple for operators to manage the operations in an effortless manner.

It can transport other kinds of oversized cargoes, not only the blades and tower. Therefore, the user can put the trailer into many other uses other than for transporting wind turbine blades.

One notable advantage of this blade lifters wind turbine trailers/wind turbine blade transportation is that it is a better match for different sizes of the tower. Therefore, users are not limited to a specific type and size of the tower.

extendable trialer

Details of extendable windmill blade trailer for sale

Wind farm transport and windmill tower carrier trailer, just like for any other type of wind turbine blade trailer must be thoroughly scrutinized before making the final buy decision. After identifying your needs, you should be able to know the kind of trailer you are looking for. However, that is not all that you will always need.

There are some other aspects to look into including the trailer quality, delivery times, ability to customize and its reliability among others. Need more details of extendable trailer, you can contact us.


In the actual process of transportation of wind turbine blades, it is necessary to choose a suitable windmill blade tailer method according to the transportation route and the surrounding environment, comprehensively considering the transportation cost and the road transportation condition transformation cost.

extendable trailer

56 meters extendable wind blade trailer testing


wind blade trailer

Application of wind turbine blade adapter trailer

3 Line 6 Axle Wind Turbine Blade Transport Trailer Feedback From Vietnam. At the beginning of October, we received feedback from Vietnamese customers. 

wind blade trailer

3 Line 6 Axle wind blade adaptor trailer for Sale In Vietnam

In July, the customer found us on Google. He said that he was looking for a suitable supplier. The customer found a number of Chinese manufacturers, but they all told him that they could not do wind turbine transport trailer. By chance, the customer saw TITAN's 3 line 6 axle wind turbine transport locally and finally found TITAN. TITAN semi-trailer will customize a special windmill blade transport according to customer needs. Our wind turbine transport trailer is also very popular in Vietnam. Many customers will choose to cooperate with us again.

The following is feedback from customers in Vietnam. The customers told us that their project was completed safely. Thanks TITAN for  help to complete this project.

wind blade trailer

Customers feedback of  wind blade adapter trailer


6. Lifting equipment safety operation manual-wind turbine blade transportation

Vehicle and tooling inspection before loading

1. Check the hydraulic oil, tooling hydraulic pipelines and hydraulic outrigger pipelines of the car plate

2. Check the tire pressure

3. Check whether the engine oil and water of the tooling engine are normal

4. Check whether the hydraulic system is normal

5. Check whether the bolts of the tooling rotary turntable are loose to ensure reliable tightening


Transfer process and safety precautions

1. Confirm whether the cargo (blade) is in good condition

2. Confirm whether the tooling tools are complete

3. The nut must be tightened when the blade is loaded

4. When the lifting equipment is in operation, watch hands under the tip of the blade and pay attention to intercepting passing vehicles and air barriers

5. When the car comes to park, the tip of the blade must be raised to more than 5 meters and avoid the owner's route

6. All hydraulic valves of the tooling should be closed after parking

7. There must be a special vehicle escort during the operation of the vehicle

wind blade trailer

Wind Turbine Blade Transportation

Lubrication and maintenance (tooling lubrication points)

The engine oil tank must be checked for the amount of oil daily, and the oil should be added in time to prevent the lack of oil from causing damage to the machine, and the hydraulic system has no oil leakage during work.

The upper and lower slewing ring raceways should be filled with grease regularly. When filling the grease, the slewing ring should be slowly rotated to make the grease filled evenly.

Pay attention to the operation of the slewing bearing in daily use. If you find abnormal noise, impact, or sudden increase in power, you should stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshoot.

Adjust the system pressure by adjusting the overflow valve on the hydraulic oil tank (the initial pressure is 16-18Mpa when lifting). The large and small gears of the slewing ring and the slewing mechanism must be greased to maintain lubrication and reduce dry wear.

The connecting bolts of the blade flange and the tooling mounting plate must be tightened.

The speed of the vehicle should be controlled within 20km/hour in complex road conditions.


Points to note in operation

1. The speed of the hydraulic power unit should not be too high when starting to prevent damage to the transmission system due to excessive instantaneous torque.

2. Operate the hydraulic valve handle slowly and steadily when turning and lifting, and do not push the handle to the end to add oil. The turret must not rotate continuously to reduce the vibration of the blades.

3. When turning and lifting, the speed should be slow, and the operation should be even. Pay attention to observation to ensure safety.

4. Try to avoid turning on severely inclined roads to prevent accidents.

5. The vehicle should be at a low speed and constant speed, reduce frequent braking, to reduce the vibration of the blades.

6. Avoid using when the wind is more than 8m/s.

7. The flat installation of the blade is beneficial to reduce the wind resistance and reduce the height.

8. When the blade needs to turn around, the height of the semi-trailer should be lowered, and the rear end of the telescopic support cylinder should be used for auxiliary support.



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