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Side Loader Truck

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1. About Side Loader Truck

2. TITAN Side Loader Truck specs, capacity, dimension and drawing

3. Safety requirements of Side Loader Truck


1. About Side Loader Truck

TITAN 40ft Side Loader Truck is used for loading and unloading 40ft container or 20ft container.

TITAN Side Loader Truck has made work flexible, Save time and improve productivity for satisfied customers around the world. We adopt World famous brand parts of the Side Loader Truck.

Side Loader Truck can be applicable for handing and transporting containers. Its characters including big lifting capacity, large working range, wide application range, good versatility and strong guarantee ability, meet the demands of lifting container anywhere. It is widely used for shipping, port, railway, storage and custom, etc. Its characteristics of "rapid, vivid, efficiency, convenience"get more and more understanding and approbations of people


2. TITAN Side Loader Truck specs, capacity, dimension and drawing

Max. lifting capacity: 37/40/45Ton

Max.stabilizer outreach: 3200mm

Max.working range: 4000mm

Overall height: 2500mm

Overall length: 1020mm

Max. pressure of hydraulic system: 28Mpa

Dimension(L*W*H): 14100*2500*4200mm/7500*2500*4200mm

Axle: 3/2axle* 13 ton (220mm brake pads)

Tire: 12/8pcs, 12R22.5

Suspension: Heavy duty type mechanical spring suspension

Kingpin: 3.5 inches bolted type

Braking system: WABCO Emergency valve

Landing gear: JOST

Tow Chain: lugs (imported)

Power source: Power take-off (equipped)

Hydraulic pump: Gear type Casappa Italy

Direction control valves: AMCA Holand

Remote Control: NBB Germany



3. Safety requirements of Side Loader Truck

When carrying out different loadings, Side Loader Truck should operate in accordance with the regulations, as follows:

1) Operation near electric wires: Do not operate self-loading trucks near electric wires.

2) Power supply agencies in each country have issued regulations or guidelines for using cranes near overhead power lines. Operators of Side Loader Truck must be familiar with these laws and regulations. When you need to operate near the power cord, you must conduct a site-specific risk assessment before operating.

3) Unless otherwise stated by electrical distribution personnel or transmission line operators, all wires are considered to be live. The statement must be provided in writing, including the date and time period of the power cord isolation.


The operation of Side Loader Truck within the minimum distance is prohibited unless the following requirements are met:

When the power line voltage is below 13300V: the written permission of the electrical distribution personnel has been obtained; all the conditions specified by the electrical distribution personnel have been observed; the electrical distribution personnel have been notified before the work begins; there are "supervisors" for supervision; Held an on-site meeting or work meeting to complete the risk assessment. 

For power lines with a voltage greater than 133 000 V: the electrical distribution personnel has provided an easement admission permit; they have obtained written permission from the electrical distribution personnel; abide by all conditions specified by the electrical distribution personnel; have been notified before the work begins The electrical distribution personnel were assigned; there were "supervisors" to supervise; the on-site meeting or work meeting was held to complete the risk assessment.

Contact with electrical wires:

If the side container trailer or load touches the power cord, the relevant electrical distribution personnel must be notified immediately. Operators of self-unloading trucks must warn other personnel that they are forbidden to touch any part of self-loading trucks or lifting loads. If possible, disconnect the power cord without anyone approaching.

When the power cord cannot be moved or the Side Loader Truck cannot be separated from the power cord, any further action is prohibited until the power cord is isolated and the situation is determined to be safe. After the Side Loader Truck comes into contact with the power cord, the 40ft Side Loader Truck must be inspected by suitably qualified personnel. It is forbidden to put it into use again until all recommended maintenance is completed.



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