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TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in CHINA for telescopic blade trailer , telescopic extendable trailer , telescopic trailer , blade trailer for sale,TITAN VEHICLE focus on blade transport trailer.
Different types of Extendable Flatbed Trailer , Extendable Trailer, 24m Extendable Flatbed Trailer for sale at cost price, customized extendable flatbed trailer from TITAN manufacturer.
TITAN VEHICLE is a producer in CHINA for semi trailer container , extendable flatbed trailer for sale , flatbed trailer ,flatbed trailers for sale,TITAN VEHICLE focus on semi flatbed trailer.
TITAN produces 100 ton extendable low bed trailer to transport high duty machines and equipment.
TITAN produces different types of 9/10 Axle Extendable Lowbed Trailer for Carrying 30 meters to 35 meter wind tower. TITAN 10 axle extendable trailer has proven to be the most efficient, lightest-weight option for customers.
TITAN design and produces extendable trailer are primarily used for transporting large tank, wind tower sections, long pipeline, crane booms, long bridge, long rail, wind blades or other components of wind power plants.
TITAN produced different types of extendable trailer for windmill projects , 6 axle 62 meters extendable trailer , 2 extendable new trailers for sale at cost price, customized wind blade transport solution, projects from TITAN manufacturer.
Different types of 6 Axles 62 Meters Trailer , extendable trailer for windmill projects , 6 axle 62 meters trailer for sale to transport wind turbine parts with customized service from TITAN manufacturer.
TITAN manufacturer provided different types of extendable trailers, new and used 9 axle extendable trailers, 10 axle extendable trailer for sale at cost price.
Different types of extendable semi trailer , 3 axle extendable trailer for sale , 50m extendable trailer , 50m 3 axle extendable trailer for sale at cost price, customized extendable trailer from TITAN Vehicle.
TITAN mainly produce extendable trailer for sale, extendable semi trailer, extendable drop deck trailer.
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Extendable trailer丨extendable flatbed trailer 丨40ft extendable flat bed trailers丨extendable lowboy trailer for sale - China new & used extendable trailer price



Table of contents

 Chapter 1: What is an extendable trailer?

 Chapter 2: Common extendable methods

 Chapter 3: How to extend and close an extendable flatbed trailer?

 Chapter 4: How to design the brake air circuit and circuit of the heavy haul trailer?

 Chapter 5: Does the rear wheel of the extendable lowbed trailers need a steering axles design?

               5-1: Advantages of steering wheels and ordinary axles

               5-2: Disadvantages of steering wheels and ordinary axles

Chapter 6: Key Components of the Extendable Trailer         

Chapter 7: Extendable truck trailer can be used to transport wind blades

Chapter 8: How to keep safe to transport super long windmill turbine blades on public road


Chapter 1. What is an extendable trailer?

Extendable trailer also has more name, such as telescopic trailer, extendable trailers for blade, extendable container chassis, telescopic windmill blade trailer, extendable lowboy trailer for sale, extendable low bed trailer, extendable drop deck trailers for sale.

Telescopic trailer, you can freely adjust the length of the semi-trailer according to the length of the cargo, so as to meet the transportation needs of different goods. Custom extendable telescopic flatbed and lowbed type trailer.

With the rapid development of the global transportation industry, semi-trailers have also begun to diversify into a variety of categories. Ordinary semi-trailers have limited capabilities, but special trailers also have single functions and low utilization rates.

Therefore, the bosses of transportation companies increasingly need a telescopic trailer that can load very long cargoes, such as long cement pipes, steel pipes, wood, wind blades for power generation, etc.


TITAN extendable trailer for sale testing

TITAN extendable trailer for sale testing


Chapter 2. Common extendable methods:

In the middle, In the back of the gooseneck, in the tail, in the front.

We can freely change the design of drawing length according to the requirements of customers.

13-39m extendable flatbed trailer technical department drawing


2 line 4 axle 42m extendable trailer technical department drawing

2 line 4 axle 42m telescopic trailer technical specification drawing


3 axle 52m extendable trailer technical parameter drawing

3 axle 52m extendable trailer technical parameter drawing


Chapter 3. How to extend and close an extendable flatbed trailer?

The pulling and closing operation of a telescopic trailer is very simple. You only need to use the tractor to move forward or reverse when the rear axle is braked. After reaching the working distance, lock it with the positioning pin.

TITAN produces extendable Flatbed Trailer for the transport of long rails, pipes, 40ft container, 20ft container or other bulk cargos. And the 40ft extendable flat bed trailers extension length of trailer from 12.5 meters extend to 24 meters, and the trailer can carry 40ft container or 20ft container after it's at close state.


40ft extendable flat bed trailers

TITAN 40ft extendable flat bed trailers for sale


Chapter 4. How to design the brake air circuit and circuit of the heavy haul trailer?

Air pipe and electric wire for the circuit adopts the dragging pulley method, which expands and contracts as the inner beam expands and contracts. After reaching the working position, it can be fixed.


Chapter 5. Does the rear wheel of the extendable lowbed trailers need a steering axles design?

Whether the rear wheels use steering wheels is determined based on the total length after drawing and the required road conditions.

(1) Advantages of steering wheels and ordinary axles

The steering wheel structure can meet some special turning needs. The hydraulic control of the hydraulic station is used to realize the steering of the rear wheels.

(2) Disadvantages of steering wheels and ordinary axles

The cost of steering the axle is twice the cost of an ordinary axle, requiring more capital.

Steering axle load capacity is much smaller than ordinary axles. Large tonnage loads need to be changed to axis mode.


Chapter 6. Key Components of the Extendable Trailer.

Here is a detailed look into how each of these parts is adapted to function:

1. The Braking System

To further enhance swift operations with the extendable trailer, a braking system is provided. This includes a service brake, a dual-line automobile brake system, and a parking brake. An emergency relay valve, air reservoir, double-brake chamber, and a number of specifications for the components connecting to the pipeline.

The supply and control lines are set separately. The most significant components include a connector attached to the tractor.

2.Trailer Frame

The extendable trailer for sale frame construction features the main beam, half plates to the left side and the right side, and a transverse device. The half plates to the left and right sides are linked to the main beam by means of the transverse device. The hydraulic gooseneck is attached to the frame head and a hydraulic ladder fitted at the rear section.

TITAN extendable flatbed trailer for sale

TITAN extendable flatbed trailer for sale

3. The Electrical System

A 24V single-wire system forms the electrical system of the extendable trailer. In totality, the electrical system includes lights, connectors, and wires among other components. The electrical connection attached to the tractor chosen is the national standard 24N type electrical connector.

The external signaling and lighting components are usually provided with brake lights, rear position lights, and position lights among others as deemed useful for use in this application.

4. The System's Power Unit

The extendable drop deck trailers for sale power unit is made up of a small diesel engine, which is the main prime mover. Other components include a hydraulic oil tank, control lines, and pipelines, hydraulic pump. The unit offers a hydraulic source for the trailer’s hydraulic system.

5. The Gooseneck Feature

The assembly and connection at the gooseneck point are usually made to the tractor saddle via the turntable, the wedge, and the traction pin. The telescopic trailers' gooseneck feature is a hydraulic part that is usually adjusted through a telescopic expansion of the hydraulic cylinder.

As the tractor rotates, the steering cylinder gets pushed and transmitted to the steering bridge of the extendable container chassis trailer via the hydraulic circuit. The steering mechanism towing the extendable low bed trailer is usually attached to the gooseneck.

Customers feedback of extendable low bed trailer

Customers feedback of extendable low bed trailer

6. The Hydraulic System

The extendable lowboy trailer for sale basic components of the hydraulic system are hydraulic valve blocks, joints, and pipes. The entire system comes with a hydraulic source by means of a power unit. There is also a safety valve installed in the circuit.

The telescopic extendable trailer has a hydraulic system that comprises control circuits like the suspension lifting, gooseneck lifting, synchronous steering, lateral adjustment, and in lifting the ladder.

7. The Steering System

The steering system of an extendable trailer comprises a wheel steering mechanism, a gooseneck steering mechanism, and a matching hydraulic synchronous control circuit.

The gooseneck steering mechanism makes use of the tractor’s rotation in relation to the trailer in order to contract and expand the steering cylinder in a synchronous manner in relation to the wheelset steering mechanism.

extendable drop deck trailers for sale

TITAN 4 axle extendable drop deck trailers for sale


Chapter 7. Extendable truck trailer can be used to transport wind blades

This transport method generally uses ordinary extendable truck trailer to transport wind blades. The characteristics of this extendable trailer for sale are that it can be extended and retracted to accommodate blades of different lengths.

The tail platform forms the rear section of the extendable trailer for sale. mega windmill transporter can either be a folding or pulling platform configuration. Therefore, users can choose a telescopic trailer based on these tail platform configurations.

Advantage of Telescopic Extendable Trailers:

Reliable and Efficient. Constructed of high yield strength material, telescopic trailers are reliable in terms of safety and general transportation needs.

It’s easy to use. The extendable truck trailer comes in a simple design that is easy to use and operate either hands-on or remotely. Loading and offloading cargo are made safe and simple for operators to manage the operations in an effortless manner.

It can transport other kinds of oversized cargoes, not only the blades and tower. Therefore, the user can put the extendable container chassis into many other uses other than for transporting wind turbine blades.


Chapter 8. How to keep safe to transport super long wind turbine blades on public road

The wind turbines are getting bigger, so the blades are becoming longer as well. So far the wind blades can reach up to 70 meters. Natural disasters affect the progress of transportation operations, causing great difficulties in transportation units. The traffic police should guard transportation in advance to avoid possible accidents during transportation. After the wind power equipment is transported to the site, the transportation and protection vehicles must be required to investigate the road conditions in advance to determine the safe traffic direction to enter the wind power site. At the same time, each vehicle is equipped with a particular vehicle commander responsible for the cars’ safe operation on-site.

extendable trailer

4 Axle 56M Extendable Trailer for Wind Turbine Transportation


Features of extendable windblade trailer

The wind blade trailer adopts the pulling structure to extend the length, and the wind blade lies flat on top of the trailer.

The significant feature of the wind blade transport semi trailer is that it is super long and has longitudinal expansion and contraction. Due to the super length of the vehicle type, the turning difficulty is significantly increased. To overcome driving on the curve, the wind blade transport vehicle is generally equipped with a hydraulic steering system, and the rear axle is fitted with a power station.

Considering the stability and the length of the windmill blade, the rear axle adopts its air suspension system, drawing and pulling the longitudinal beam freely, and has good trafficability.

The windmill blade trailer of the blade can be more than 60 meters long. It has three or four axle balance type, remote control power steering, and a mass balance block is installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs equally and balance the force on the front and rear axles.

The bearing capacity is designed as 60 tons or more, the height of the main chassis frame is 550 mm, the width is 300 mm, the girder is buckle box type, the side beam is 250 mm I-beam, and the minimum cargo loading surface is 850mm.

62m extendable trailer

62M 6 Axle Extendable Windblade Trailer



Hydraulic, air, and mechanical suspension can be options according to different road conditions and specific project requirements.

Air Suspension

Suspensions of wind blade trailer could use mechanical spring suspension, hydraulic suspension, or air bellow suspension.

The air suspension would be best to protect the windmill blade from possible shock during transportation.

Hydraulic Suspension

Hydraulic windmill blade is an extendable telescopic beam connect with a hydraulic modular trailer, axle numbers could be three or above to adapt different weights of the blades. In this case, the hydraulic wind blade trailer has a bigger steering angle compare to that of the airbag extendable trailer.

The hydraulic suspension blade trailer has a lower cargo platform height than that of the air suspension trailer, also the lifting stroke is wider. The hydraulic suspension has advantages so the cost is higher than the air and mechanical suspension blade trailer.

Mechanical Suspension

The mechanical suspension is strong and at low cost, hydraulic suspension is suitable for heavier cargo.

Steerable axles

The hydraulic cylinders controls the steering of the trailer.

Due to the length of the trailer(together with the blade) could reach up to 70 meters, the most suitable way to realize steering is by operator’s manually control.

Extendable telescopic beam

The telescopic beam blade trailer is extendable to 62 meters. Sliding pneumatic locking system for telescopic boom on both sides.

The reels of wire are air brake hose and electric wire, make sure the brake system and illumination system are working while the telescopic beam extended.

Control panel

The wireless remote control panel enables the operator to steer the trailer in a safe and convenient way.

Want to transport windmill on mountains? You need the blade adapter.

Wind blade trailer vs. wind blade adapter trailer

Both trailers are using to transport windmill blades, but for different scenarios.


The extendable windmill trailer has a longer length, we can lay down the blade on top of the trailer in a flat position.

The cost of the trailer is lower.


Due to the overlength is more than 70 meters, so the steering radius is big. If we need to transport the blades to mountains, it will be difficult to pass the U bends. In this case, we have to use the help of the blade adapter trailer.


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