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Side Loader Trailer

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The 40ft 45 ton container side loader semi trailer can transport 20/40ft container. Its technology can effectively solve the problem of no loading and unloading machinery.
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TITAN produces self loading container semi trailer, for loading and unloading 20ft container with 37 ton lifting capacity.
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Side Loader Trailer product introduction

The Side loader trailer can complete various operation functions such as container self-loading and unloading, vehicle-to-vehicle transfer, etc. It has the characteristics of large lifting capacity, wide operation range, wide application range, good versatility and strong loading and unloading guarantee ability. The lifting requirements of different locations are widely used in container distribution centers such as container logistics, port freight transfer stations, railway container handling stations, warehouses, military logistics support, and customs departments. Its "fast, flexible, efficient, and convenient" characteristics are getting more and more More recognition and recognition.

side loader trailer

20/40Ft Side Loader Trailer for Sale

Side Loader Trailer product advantages

The 20ft side loader trailer has a long average trouble-free working time, stable and reliable performance, compact and reasonable layout, beautiful and stylish, easy to use and easy to maintain.

1. Sliding container side self-loading and unloading transport vehicle

Through the sliding movement of the front and rear cranes, the loading and unloading of 20ft or 40ft containers or similar containers can be realized. The application range is wide and the versatility is good, which greatly expands the use of the equipment.

2. Double pumps and double branches

Sideloader trailers are powered by an adjustable speed engine. The hydraulic oil output by the double pump passes through the confluence valve group and then is delivered to the multi-way valve group of the front and rear side cranes connected in series to drive the respective actuators, with a larger range of linkage The adaptability greatly guarantees the stability and reliability of the hoisting process.


side loader trailer

37/40/45 Ton Sideloader Trailer Price

3. Electro-hydraulic load adaptation

High and low-pressure double pumps are used, and the two cranes at the front and the rear are supplied with oil after combined flow through the diverter valve, which can realize the large flow of dual pumps at the same time under low-pressure conditions and the low pressure pump under high pressure conditions. The small flow rate for high-pressure unloading ensures the efficiency and quality of lifting operations. This technology can not only ensure the stability of the speed switching of the crane under high and low pressure conditions, but also make full use of the output power of the engine, which is more economical.

4. Lifting chain twist lock device + automatic storage for container loading and unloading

The lifting chain twist-lock mechanism for container loading and unloading, the twist lock is automatically rotated and locked in the container corner during the packing operation, will not fall off, and ensure safety during operation; during transportation, the twist-lock can still be automatically locked through the limit device.

The repetitiveness of the operator’s transport chain collection and unloading and loading chain is lifted, and the safety during driving is also greatly improved; after the operation is completed, the hoisting chain in the process of hoisting arm recovery is realized by optimizing the movement trajectory and position of the hoisting point The automatic storage greatly improves the comfort of operation and the safety of the 37 ton side loader trailer.

side loader trailer

Package of Side Loader Truck Trailer Manufcturer

5. Control system optimization technology

Side loader trailer for sale is reasonably matched with the combination of a remote wireless control remote control and a load-sensitive electro-hydraulic proportional multi-way valve with pressure compensation in front of the valve. The remote control operation is safe, comfortable and convenient. The remote control panel and handle are human-oriented and conform to the movement trend of the machine; proportional control realizes step-less speed regulation to ensure the smooth operation of the whole machine and accurate control of fine movements.

6. Reasonable matching of safety systems

During the operation of the whole machine, there is an intelligent anti-tipping protection system on one side of the outrigger to monitor the stability of the whole machine in real-time. If there is a risk of tilting, it can automatically alarm and effectively lock; the other side of the outrigger is protected by a baffle to prevent The container enters the dangerous area.

The application of high-strength steel plates has passed advanced software analysis and rigorous testing to ensure safety and reliability; at the same time, high-quality hydraulic seals, high-level electrical protection, safe and reliable locking mechanisms, and practical and safe emergency stop functions have also increased Security guarantee.

Drawing of Side Loader TrailerDrawing of Side Loader Trailer



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