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Lowboy Trailer丨Lowboy semi traile| Lowboy Trailer for Sale | Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer | lowboy trailers- New & Used in china  Lowboy

Trailer Table of Contents

1. What is a lowboy trailer?

2. What does a lowboy trailer look like?

3. What is a lowboy trailer used for?

4. Lowboy trailer specs:

  4-1. How much weight can a lowboy carry?

  4-2. How wide is a semi lowboy?

  4-3. How long are lowboy trailers?

  4-4. How high off the ground is a lowboy trailer?

  4-5. What is the height of a lowboy trailer?

5. How does a lowboy work?

6. How do you disconnect a lowboy trailer?

7. How to choose the right lowboy trailer?

8. Lowboy trailer package and delivery


1. What is a lowboy trailer?

A  lowboy is a type of trailer that has features of a semi-trailer combined with a double-level drop system.

semi lowboy trailers are often utilized for transporting heavy machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, and other types of heavy equipment.  Items that do not fit onto a flatbed trailer or a lowbed trailer can typically be hauled via a lowboy trailer for sale.

Oversized items such as heavy machinery can more easily be loaded onto lowboy trailers because the deck can be lowered to near-ground level.

Most lowboy trailers are operated using hydraulic systems, with hydraulic rams lifting the rgn trailer for sale to meet the unit after loading.  Semi-trucks tow lowboy trailers, which are equipped with air brakes.


150 ton 4 axle lowboy trailer for sale

150 ton 4 axle lowboy trailer for sale


TITAN - removable detach trailer gooseneck manufacturers can make the 2/3/4 axles hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers and 3 lines 6 axles heavy duty rgn lowboy trailer,  the capacity of 60/80/100/120/150 ton removable gooseneck trailer.

To meet your transport needs and your local regulations, we can customize different configuration removable gooseneck lowboy trailer for you.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of lowboy semi-trailers (like 3 axle detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers, 4 axle lowboy trailer, 3 line 6 axle heavy duty lowboy trailer, folding gooseneck lowboy trailers, 35 ton detach lowboy for sale)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


2. What does a lowboy trailer look like?

A lowboy is a semi-trailer with two drops in deck height: one right after the gooseneck and one right before the wheels. This allows the deck to be extremely low compared with other trailers.

Lowboy trailers have a lower cargo platform that is positioned lower than the rear half of the trailer. This is known as a concave beam or a staircase structure. These trailers have a high degree of stability, as the staircase lowers the height of the center of the cargo platform. Lowboy trailers are generally used to move heavy equipment and other cargo that has a high height.

Gooseneck lowboy trailer features an adjustable gooseneck. This allows heavy equipment to be loaded onto either the front of the trailer. The adjustable gooseneck makes loading equipment from the front far easier. In addition, once the gooseneck is reattached, it will ensure that any items on the trailer will stay in place.


Detailed explanation of TITAN 60 ton lowboy trailers for sale

3 axle 60 ton lowboy trailer for sale


Advantages of TITAN 60 ton lowboy trailers for sale:

1. The lower working platform height for transport of high and voluminous loads. Low working platform: Hydraulic gooseneck lowboy trailer, easy for construction equipment. Generally the height is up to 650mm to 850mm

2. TITAN lowboy semi trailer is with high tensile steel frame to ensure high load requirements on the bad road condition. High tensile structure steel with tensile and durable construction. Main beam adopts HG high strength steel, with high loading capacity

    The yield strength of HG60 steel is ≥620Mpa, which is the yield limit of the metal material when it is yielded,the yield strength is higher, then it's much stronger.

    So HG60 loading capacity is 5 times more than the trailer which is built by Q345 steel. Because the yield strenghth of Q345 steel is just 345Mpa

3. Side support’s thickness is 6mm, the distance of the side support is only 450mm. The side support firmly connect the main beam and side beam to improve the whole vehicle’s loading capacity, prevent the working platform to have cave the deformation.

4. The 3 axle lowboy trailer suspension width is 120mm, thickness is 10mm, and rotation pin of suspension we use 70mm. Ensure its have high loading capacity, and increase its capacity to twisting forces, shock, bump.

5. 250mm side swing bracket on the both sides to increase the overall width of the 60 ton lowboy trailers for sale.

60 ton lowboy trailer drawing

Drawing of 3 axle 60 ton lowboy trailers for sale


3. What is a lowboy trailer used for?

If you’re moving large equipment, you need the right trailer. A lowboy semi trailer might be the answer for you. A lowboy trailer is a kind of specialized haul equipment. It can be used to transport all kinds of oversize and heavy loads. Most often you’ll find a lowboy semi trailer being used to haul machinery and equipment. Large construction equipment like bulldozers and excavators travel to job sites on lowboy trailers.

As we mentioned earlier, many construction, freight, and shipping companies rely on lowboy trailers to ship important items across the country.


What is a lowboy trailer used for

3 axle lowboy trailer feedback from African customers - Used to transport engineering equipment


4. Lowboy trailer specs:

4-1. How much weight can a lowboy carry?

Common detachable gooseneck trailer. It is usually 2/3/4/5 axles, mainly designed to transport 35 ton, 50 ton, 60 ton, 80 ton, 100 tons of equipment or machinery. 

Heavy duty rgn lowboy trailer. Lowboy trailer manufacturers is mainly designed to transport 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons of heavy equipment or machinery. The main use is the line axle structure. 2 lines 4 axles, 3 lines 6 axles, and 4 lines 8 axles.

4-2. How wide is a lowboy?

The width of the lowboy semi trailer is usually 2500mm, 3000mm, 3200mm, 3500mm, etc., which can be customized according to customer requirements.

4-3. How long are lowboy trailers?

The length of the rgn trailer for sale is usually based on the number of axles and the load. The length of a 2 axle 40 ton lowboy semi trailer is 13000mm, 3 axle 50 ton lowboy trailer for sale is 14500mm, 3 axle 80 ton lowboy trailer is 15800mm, 4 axle 100 ton lowboy trailer is 16500mm, 4 axle 120 ton is 17000mm. Of course, we can customize it for you to meet your everything demand.

4-4. How high off the ground is a lowboy trailer?

Lowboy trailer for sale concave type loading platform height is usually 750mm, 800mm or 850mm.

4-5. What is the height of a lowboy trailer?

The total height of the lowboy semi trailer is generally 2200mm, which can be adjusted according to specific conditions.


150 ton 4 axle lowboy trailer testing before shipment

150 ton 4 axle lowboy trailer testing before shipment


Advantages of 150 ton 4 axle lowboy trailers:

1. Main beam adopts submerged arc welding technology, that ensure the smooth, sturdy welding seams and avoid welding-opening problems. And also improve the loading capacity.

2. Main beam height is 550-580mm. The front/down plate width is 220mm, and thickness is 22mm. That durable and stronger construction ensure the loading capacity, and also improve its capacity to twisting forces, shock, bump, and meet load requirements on bad road condition.

3. Side beam adopt “H” steel, height is 300mm, width is 140mm, and its thickness is 8/6/8mm. The durable design avoid the side beam to have the deformation.

4.The loading ramps is made by high strength steel, with high loading capacity, will not happen to the deformation when carry heavy equipment.

5. RGN trailer for sale adopts world famous brand spare part, ensure high quality and save costs.

150 ton 4 axle lowboy trailer with dolly drawing

Drawing of 150 ton 4 axle lowboy trailer with 2 axle dolly


5. How does a lowboy work?

There are the major force-transmitting regions of RGN lowboy trailer. One of them is the main coupling responsible for transmitting the fundamental longitudinal towing forces between the trailer and the gooseneck. This coupling works as a single point in a force couple to keep the trailer frame and the gooseneck in their desired relative positions. 

There is yet another force vector of the same force couple usually transmitted through the thrust blocks in the back of the gooseneck. This essentially is a bearing surface of the lowboy equipment trailers frame at a point spaced backwardly. Hydraulic pressure is then supplied to the bottom part of the ram cylinders to facilitate the retraction of the rods. This creates a hydraulic lock between the trailer bed and the gooseneck. A lock pin is then used to make a positive link between the yoke pocket and the T-bar yoke.

Generally, this forms a positive connection from the yoke pocketed located in the trailer bed frame to the hydraulic ram anchor feature of the gooseneck. The effect caused helps in holding the thrust blocks tightly in position.

The safety hooks are engaged safely with their respective pins and the lock pins are used to keep the two key coupling hooks in a tight inter-fitting connection to prevent any accidental release.


60 ton lowboy trailer for sale

TITAN 60 ton lowboy trailer for sale


During coupling and uncoupling, the lowboy trailer for sale assembly is let to a lowered position. During uncoupling, the safety pin handle gets puled and locked open to let the safety pin detach the T-bar yoke free from the yoke pocket.

The control lever for the hydraulic ram feature on the other hand is maneuvered to provide hydraulic pressure fluid inside the dram in order to lift the thrust blocks somewhat clear off their sitting positions on the main beam.

After achieving this, the lock finger gets retracted and the crank handle then is swung in an upward manner to anchor the safety hooks and the thrust blocks upwardly. Once this is attained, the lever is then locked in position through the lock finger that is fit in an upper coupling hole for the same.

Next, the hydraulic ram feature gets extended further to facilitate a further gooseneck rotation with respect to the RGN lowboy trailer bed. This is done to facilitate the withdrawing of the two lock pins that are engaged with the hooks.

The pins get swung in an upward manner through the use of the crank handle. On achieving this, the hydraulic pressure in the ram gets reversed hence allowing the pressure to go down in the cylinders’ bottom chamber. This action slowly lowers the gooseneck and the trailer bed to the ground.

You can choose to place a removable support block in between the trailer frame and the gooseneck beam in order to keep the gooseneck slightly off the ground surface. It is at this point when you can move the tractor away in order to give room for loading. 


And we have made a video of the specific operation steps of the detach trailer for sale for you, such as how to separate the gooseneck from the body, how to adjust the gooseneck height, etc.

How do you detach a gooseneck trailer?

Click this picture to watch our operation explanation of 60 ton lowboy trailer for sale



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