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Asphalt Tank Trailers for Sale

TITAN produces high quality Bitumen tank trailer , Bitumen tanker trailer , tri axle Bitumen tank semi trailer , 45000 liters asphalt tanker trailer , Bitumen trailer for sale
42000 liters asphalt bitumen tanker trailer, tri axle bitumen tanker trailer for sale, 3 axle bitumen tanker trailer price, bitumen tanker trailer manufacturer for sale near me, is used for long, medium and short distance transportation of liquid asphalt
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Table of Contents

1. About bitumen tanker trailer

2. TITAN fuel tanker trailer specs, capacity, dimension and drawing

3. Bitumen Tanker Trailer Performance characteristics


1. About TITAN Bitumen Tanker Trailer

Bitumen Tanker Trailer is used for long, medium and short distance transportation of liquid asphalt. It adopts automatic ignition diesel burner for heating and heat preservation. In addition, it is also used for the penetration of asphalt pavement and the spraying binder in the construction of asphalt surface treatment, and it can also be used for the surface treatment layer of the plant-mixed black gravel pavement in the high-grade pavement. 

TITAN manufacture high quality Asphalt Bitumen tank trailer is used to transport liquide asphalt from oil refinery and wharf to asphalt storge depot, also transport asphalt from asphalt storage depot to asphalt plant. 

Bitumen tank trailer also called heated bitumen tank trailer, heated bitumen transport, hot asphalt tanker, Insulation asphalt tanker, Liquid Asphalt tank, semi-trailer hot asphalt tanker

The long service life and low maintenance of TITAN Bitumen tank trailer have been well accepted by the customers across the world.

Tri Axle Bitumen Tanker Trailer can be designed with self-unloading function. The inclination angle is not more than 17 degrees. It is convenient and quick to unload asphalt. The imported heater has blast function, which has good heating effect and good insulation effect. It is an ideal asphalt insulation transport vehicle.

tanker trailer

Bitumen Tanker Trailer for Sale Price Manufacturer

2. TITAN Bitumen Tanker Trailer Specs, Capacity, Dimension and Drawing

Brand: TITAN 45000 liters Fuel Tanker Trailer

Dimensions: 12500 mm(Length) x 2500 mm(Length) x 4000mm(Height)

Tank Capacity: 45,000 liters

Tank Material: Q235B carbon steel

Compartments: 1 to 7 compartments, based on customer needs

Discharge: 3” or 4” ball valves

Discharge Pipes: 4” rubber hose, 2 units, 6 metre/each

Ladder: The tank is equipped with a front or rear ladder to facilitate the arrival to manholes.

Main Beams: Q345B steel fabricated I beams

Landing Gears: Jost two speed landing gear, driver side crank

Axles: 3 axles, 13T/16T

Suspensions: Merchanical suspension or air suspension

Brake System: WABCO

Bitumen Tanker Trailer

Drawing of 3 Axle Bitumen Tanker Trailer for Sale

3. Bitumen Tanker Trailer Performance characteristics

It has the functions of asphalt self-flow unloading, pump pressure unloading, pumping and tanking, and in-situ transportation. Good heat preservation, large carrying capacity and strong adaptability.

1. The vehicle-type structure has a small turning radius; the tank has a trapezoidal cross-section, large volume, low center of gravity, and compact structure;

2. The Bitumen Tanker Trailer is equipped with a heating system, equipped with imported diesel burners, with good combustion quality and no pollution;

3. The unique heat-conducting oil system is used to heat and keep the asphalt pump and valve; the hydraulic system drives the asphalt pump and the heat-conducting oil pump, with reliable transmission and convenient operation;

4. Multifunctional pumping system, reliable transmission and convenient operation, can meet various needs in asphalt transportation; with full liquid level display and full level alarm system, it is convenient to control the level of asphalt in the tank;

Bitumen Tanker Trailer

45000 Liters Bitumen Tanker Semi Trailer with Best Price

Self-flow discharge: When the oil storage tank is lower than Bitumen Tanker Trailer, it can be discharged directly by self-flow;

Pressure discharge: when the oil storage tank is higher than Bitumen Tanker Trailer, pressure pumping is used;

Self-pump suction: the asphalt in the insulation tank or oil storage tank can be sucked into the car through its own oil discharge pipe, without the need for an external pump;

Internal circulation: In the process of asphalt heating, internal circulation can be carried out to improve the quality of asphalt heating;

External pump input: bitumen can be injected through the tank top manhole.

Bitumen Tanker Trailer

Bitumen Tank Trailer with Capacity 45CBM



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