Container Loading trailer for Sale | Can you Put a Shipping Container on the Container Loading Trailer?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-06-01


1. The core technology of Container loading trailer

2. Advantages of container loading trailer

3. Use and maintenance of lifting legs


The core technology of Container loading trailer

Container loading trailer patented technology

Integrating lifting, loading and unloading, and transportation, container loading trailer can make the self-loading and unloading of containers or other goods faster and more convenient;

Through the independent sliding of the middle hanger, with the front and rear hangers, it can load and unload empty or full containers of 20 or 40 feet or other specifications, or self-loading and unloading of other goods. It has a wide range of uses and high equipment utilization;

Through the action of the hanger, the loading and unloading and stacking operations of 1 row and 2 layers of containers can be implemented, which greatly improves the operational efficiency and the use of the equipment; Through the advanced operation and control system, only one person is required to operate, and it can be operated at a short distance or remotely, with convenient operation and high loading and unloading efficiency.


Synchronous movement technology of boom

Using closed-loop control technology, flow control combined with angle feedback, the boom movement is adjusted by adjusting the hydraulic flow of the boom cylinder, so that the lifting points of each boom are synchronized when moving, and the container is synchronized before and after loading and unloading, which is convenient for container aligning operations.

Advanced electric proportional control technology

The device is controlled by a pressure-compensated electric proportional valve to realize the stepless speed regulation function to ensure smooth operation of the whole machine, good micro-motion performance and precise control.

Intelligent safety protection system

Equipped with an inclination sensor to detect the status of 37 ton container loading trailer in real-time. When the vehicle is inclined, it can automatically alarm and intelligently lock related dangerous operations to ensure the safe operation of the container loading trailer.


Remote wireless control technology

The 20/40 Ft container loading trailer is equipped with Sany's self-made wireless remote control, which can realize the remote wireless control of the outriggers and hangers within 30m. The operation is convenient and fast, and the safety of the staff is effectively guaranteed.

Equipped with a wireless throttle potentiometer, it can realize the remote and wireless control of the engine throttle within 30m, realize the adjustment of the engine speed, the signal transmission is stable, and the response is fast.

Finite element analysis, dynamic simulation technology

Through advanced finite element analysis, kinematics and dynamics simulation analysis and calculation, based on accurate data support, it ensures that the structure of the vehicle is reasonable, the performance is excellent, and the reliability and stability of the entire vehicle are excellent.


Advantages of container loading trailer

Advanced test and detection system

Our professional technical team, with a highly responsible scientific research spirit, conducts rigorous machine performance and industrial performance tests on each Container loading trailer. Set up a series of special tests such as boom weld fatigue test, cylinder durability test, complete machine waterproof and fireproof performance test, operating comfort, etc., to provide a strong quality guarantee for the product.

Advanced manufacturing process

Gas-shielded welding is adopted, and each key weld has passed 100% non-destructive testing, which can withstand strict tests. The parts are processed as a whole with high processing accuracy.

Advanced research and development methods

A complete technical research and development center has been established, and a product design concept based on three-dimensional modeling, parametric and modular, has been formed. After accurate and comprehensive finite element analysis and calculation, it has ensured that the Container loading trailer has a reasonable structure and excellent design.

A good after-sales service

Sany Service adheres to the service concept of creating customer value, centering on customer needs, and providing customers with faster, more reliable and more satisfactory services!


Use and maintenance of lifting legs

The Container loading trailer must be parked on a smooth cement road or a solid and flat ground, and it is not allowed to use supporting devices to support the semi-trailer on slopes or soft soil roads. It is not allowed to exceed the lifting height. When the lifting height is not enough, rectangular sleepers can be used to pad the lower end of the legs to a proper height.

When unhooking, lift the Container loading trailer to a proper height. First, use the high gear to quickly ground the support base, and then use the low gear to lift it. After the support base is grounded, turn 4-8 revolutions. Lubrication of inner leg: inner leg equipped with oil storage cylinder, screw rod and nut are self-lubricating and maintenance-free, without oil storage

The screw rod, nut motion pair, bearing of the barrel are filled with grease twice a year or as needed, and the inner leg is repeatedly extended and retracted several times by turning the handle. Lubrication of outer legs: The large and small bevel gears in the left and right outer legs are filled with grease twice a year or as needed. The lubrication of the high-speed gearbox; the gears in the Container loading trailer gearbox are filled with grease twice a year.


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