20/40Ft Side Lifter Trailer for Sale In Papua New Guinea

TITAN VEHICLE | 2021-04-02

Container Side Loader is a side crane, which is towed by a tractor. The front and rear installation shape is similar to the boom of a truck crane. The function is to lift the container as a whole for loading and unloading.

Side lifter is widely used in the connection of various links in railway, waterway, and empty containerized transportation. In addition to the basic purpose of loading and unloading containers, pallets can also be used to load, unload and carry various equipment and equipment, carry out container palletizing operations, and cooperate with railway flat cars for container delivery. The Side lifter transport vehicle can be used as a link between ports, railway stations, airports and other regions.

20/40Ft Side Lifter Trailer for Sale In Papua New Guinea20/40Ft Side Lifter Trailer for Sale In Papua New Guinea

Product serialization: With the rapid development of container transportation, the number is increasing, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider. In order to meet the needs of different regions and different environments and different users, major companies have successively developed serialized products.

Lightweight structure: Choose high-lightweight materials, optimize structural parts to increase the force and bearing capacity, and reduce the size of structural parts as much as possible without affecting performance. Lightweight will help increase 20/40ft side lifter load and improve vehicle fuel economy.

20/40Ft Side Lifter Trailer for Sale Price20/40Ft Side Lifter Trailer for Sale Price

37 Ton side lifter automation: reducing costs, reducing the number of people on board and improving work safety are inevitable requirements for the development of logistics and transportation. Remote control realizes remote control, saving time and manpower, and avoiding blind spots; the swing arm and telescopic arm of the air-conditioning mechanism adopt hydraulic synchronous or asynchronous control to ensure the stability of the lifting process; the electronic control system of the lifting mechanism, the programmable controller for lifting.

The mechanism and hydraulic outrigger adopt an interlocking design to reduce operating errors; in terms of preventing overload, the hydraulic outrigger is equipped with a pressure sensor to remind when the system load reaches a critical value to prevent rollover during lifting.

Side Lifter Truck Trailer for Sale Price ManufacturerSide Lifter Truck Trailer for Sale Price Manufacturer

This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.