4 line 8 axle detachable gooseneck trailer


Gooseneck trailers are not as common as bumper trailers. This means that most pickup trucks are not equipped with gooseneck trailer balls on the truck chassis. You need a mechanic (and some extra money) to do this.

TITAN lowboy trailer is with high tensile steel frame to ensure high load requirements on the bad road condition. The loading ramps is made by high strength steel, with high loading capacity. World famous brand spare part, ensure high quality and save costs.

We can make the 2/3/4 axles lowboy trailers, with the capacity of 60/80/100/120 ton. To meet your transport needs and your local regulations, we can customize different configuration Hydraulic removable detachable goose neck lowboy for you.

If you're interested in more details or other models,welcome to search "TITAN vehicle" on Youtube ,thanks !