10 axle wind tower trailer


10 axle extendable lowbed trailer can be used to transport wind towers.

Wind turbine tower transport as an ECO and renewable energy will be more and more popular in the world. The wind tower transportation generation construction field is also prosperous in proportion. In the wind power industry, we mainly have wind power nacelle, wind turbine blades, wind tower section to complete the industrial chain. TITAN provides all types of transportation solutions for the wide power industry use.

There is no length limitation for transporting windmill tower sections. The length can be adjustable according to the wind tower length. The Axles are steering, it can be normal hydraulic steering or modular lifting steering.

There are two portions of this trailer: one is the adapter side with a gooseneck connect with the fifth wheel. The second one is the dolly trailer. Can transport oversized tanks diameters over than 5 meters.