12.5M Tri Axle Trailer is gonne to be shipped to Harare

12.5M Tri Axle Trailer for Sale in Harare

12.5M Tri Axle Trailer for Sale in Harare


A customer from Harare, Zimbabwe recently discovered our company while searching for 12.5m tri axle trailers online. Their goal was to purchase trailer units suited for transporting 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. After comparing quality and pricing from various manufacturers, the customer selected TITAN and placed an order for 2 x 12.5m tri axle trailers.

Through ongoing discussions with our sales and engineering team, we aligned on customized specifications for the 12.5m tri axle trailers for sale to meet the customer's specialized cargo hauling needs. With the production details finalized, the trailers will soon be dispatched to the eager customer in Zimbabwe. 

The loading deck dimensions of the 12.5m tri axle trailers were optimized based on standard 20ft and 40ft container sizes. Twist lock connectors were positioned at the four bottom corners of the deck to firmly secure containers during transport. With its heavy-duty tri-axle design and container-hauling customization, this trailer provides the ideal solution for the customer's intermodal hauling application.

12.5M Tri Axle Trailer for Sale in Harare

12.5M Tri Axle Trailer for Sale in Harare


For trucking companies involved in intermodal container haulage around Harare and Zimbabwe, investing in a customized 12.5M Tri Axle Trailers for sale in Harare brings optimum efficiency and safety. This versatile trailer dimension is engineered specifically for handling 20ft and 40ft shipping containers on Zimbabwe’s highways and rough rural roads.

Optimized Dimensions

The 12.5M (or 40 foot) deck length allows two 20ft containers to be loaded in tandem or one 40ft container to be transported. The width and rear frame are designed to perfectly align with container corner castings.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Tri-axle trailers provide enhanced durability and stability under heavy loads compared to standard two-axle models. The robust chassis frame, thick decking, durable suspensions, and quality components withstand Zimbabwe’s demanding operating conditions.

12.5M Tri Axle Trailer for Sale in Harare

12.5M Tri Axle Trailer for Sale in Harare


Easy Container Locking

Customized 12.5M tri axle trailers feature twist locks pre-installed at the four bottom container corners to enable swift locking and release. The locking pins firmly secure the containers to prevent movement during transport.

Gooseneck Steering Axle

A gooseneck tri-axle configuration places one axle at the neck position. This enables sharp maneuverability in tight areas and provides excellent steering responsiveness at highway speeds when loaded.

12.5M Tri Axle Trailer for Sale in Harare

12.5M Tri Axle Trailer for Sale in Harare


Payload Optimization

With optimal trailer length matched to container sizes, transporters avoid wasting deck space. Two 20 footers fully utilize the available area. Maximum legal payloads improve efficiency.

For Harare’s busy container trucking sector, the 12.5M tri axle trailer for sale check all the boxes. This versatile trailer dimension improves productivity and reduces operating costs compared to mismatched trailer sizes. To order your custom 12.5M tri-axle container trailer, contact our sales team today!


Through this video, you can see different types of 12.5m tri axle trailer for sale in Harare, As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

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