How to operate control system about the side loader trailer?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-05-07

Side loader trailer include 20ft side loader truck, 20ft and 40ft self loading container trailer.

The side loader trailer is a container-specific loading and unloading vehicle, which is used in container terminals and transfer yards. The role of side loader container trailer is to realize container handling, such as loading and unloading of container flatbed trailer.

TITAN most popular 40ft sidelifter trailer


TITAN side loader trailer units have been known to overturn like any other crane, especially when lifting weights that are heavier than the maximum allowed weight or when operating at a radius that is bigger than the maximum allowed radius. Sidelifter units must always be operated only by trained personnel.


1. Before operation of electrical system

Before operation, be sure to perform inspection in accordance with below steps.

1) Check system apparatus and make sure they are not damaged or worn,circuitry without loose.

2) Turn on the power switch.

3) Make sure that the emergency stop function normally.

4) Understand the safety characters and remote control functions of this manual.

After the procedures above is finished, remote control system and equipments can be operated.


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2. Electrical system operation

Electrical system summary

This electrical control contains of the Titan container lift the below function module: wireless remote control and illumination during night work. Main electrical element contains remote control and jacklight etc.Notice: Direct current of 12V can be used only for this electrical system.

Installation of this electrical system

This electrical system adopt electric control box and junction box to arrange wire ,joint plug. Wire arrangement is simple, and easy to install. If what you purchased is the whole set of our equipment(including front hoisting device ,rear hoisting device, chassis),all electrical elements and wiring harness have been installed on the device, should be used it in accordance with instruction manual. If what you purchased is the upper equipment(contains front hoisting device , rear hoisting device ), be sure to perform simple installation before use. Below will carry on simple introduction which states clearly installation of key electric component.

Remote control

Container side loader trailer adopt remote control which is made to order for ambient environment ,performance need, operation process and standard, What we used is wireless remote control, its receivesr need to fixed installating, The protection grade of the receiver is very high, it can be installed in the open air. but it may prolong the service life of the receicer if installe it in the electric control cabinet.

TITAN Side Loader Trailer Remote control

TITAN Side Loader Trailer Remote Control


Electric control box

Electric control box is the nerve center of this electrical control system, it take on dual task of control and junction, same as remote control receiver, we suggest that install it in the identical electric control cabinet with remote control.


For satisfying the need of night work, the lower surface of front and rear hoisting device is equipped with a flooflight separately.



The side lifter trailer technology can effectively solve the problem of no loading and unloading machinery. The military of many countries have been equipped with container loading trailer. As a convenient and efficient container loading and unloading vehicle, the container lift trailer can load containers by itself, and it can also load and unload containers for other container carriers (such as flatbed trailer and skeletal trailer). As you can see, TITAN box loader for sale is very suitable for areas where there is no container loading and unloading equipment.

Through this video below, you can learn about different types of sidelifter trailers, including 20ft self loader truck, 20ft sidelifter and 40ft container side loader trailer, as well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.



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